Creating a fun, safe, inclusive environment for pro scooter riders where shared connections and opportunities for growth are encouraged.

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  • LIFT each other up, literally.  Someone goes down, offer to help them up.
  • TEACH and LEARN from each other.  Every rider has something to offer. Reach out and help another rider get better.
  • CHALLENGE yourself to get better with each and every opportunity.  That’s why we make you wear a helmet and knee pads. Go for it!
  • ENJOY every fail. Failing helps you grow.  Even though you can get discouraged, pick yourself up and try, try again.
  • LEAD if given the opportunity.  This is your chance help others and set an example.
  • REFRAIN from bullying.  PSX has zero tolerance.  Practice makes perfect, even when outside the park. Refrain from bullying.  Always.
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The Pacific Scooter Experience (PSX) is an indoor scooter park founded to serve youth of all age and skill levels.  But PSX is much more than just a park.  It’s a safe, family-friendly environment designed to help kids develop new skills while connecting with others in a shared passion for the sport, whether it’s in our high energy open sessions, the Little Shredder session for beginners, or our seasonal scooter clinics.

PSX is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization made possible by our volunteers and community donations.  Lessons, parties, camps and other programs are offered throughout the year.

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