Donors and Partners

We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for donating to our park!

Pacific Scooter Experience is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for youth to learn and grow through the sport of pro scootering.

Updated 10/31/2018


  • David & Diana Power
  • Mauro & Chere Bautista
  • John & Chris Hofer
  • Mark & Cara Shaw
  • Zach Shaw
  • Zach Zimney
  • The Thomas Family (Brandon, Marti, Shane, Cole)
  • Mateo Zoroza
  • David Howland
  • The Grycel Family
  • The Jackson Family
  • Tucson Scooters (on Instagram at @tucsonscooters)
  • Ethan Fenick
  • Andrew Titus
  • Scott Hannah
  • Jarbo and Shelly Dilli
  • Anton Sochenov
  • Andrew Power
  • Jim and Leah Lanham
  • Justin Power
  • Tracie Broughton
  • AO Scooters
  • Alison Levi
  • Lucky Scooters
  • Elena Donio
  • Calum Forgrieve
  • Aidan Jammer
  • Dorothy Howe
  • Dylan
  • Westmoreland Family
  • Zack Tally
  • David & Co. Interior Design
  • The Stoll-Hudson Family
  • Simpson family
  • Will Peterson and family
  • MacDonald-Miller corporation
  • @lawrence_scoot.flip
  • The Werner Family
  • Easton and Barrett Gardner


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seattle media company

Donna Collett, Photographer and Artist - The image of the rider in our logo was taken by Donna Collett. Donna lives in the UK and loves to capture action shots at nearby skateparks.  Our thanks to Donna Collett for the use of the logos!