Future of the Pacific Scooter Experience

PSX is officially closed.  Thank you for all the support over the last several years.

September 16, 2020

We have found a new home for the skate park.  Thank you to everyone that expressed interest.  The park has been sold.


August 29, 2020

We will be selling the park (Skatelite, plywood, lumber, rails/coping) in order to help pay off some of the debt the non profit has incurred.

The park hasn't been able to pay rent ($3,200) or utilities for most of 2020.  PSX has incurred about $20,000 in debt.

Our first goal is to sell the park in its entirety.  

The park costs $14,000 to build, not including labor.  We can sell the entire park for $8,000.  That would include all of the Skatelite, the two layers of plywood on each ramp, 2x4s and 2x6s, rails, 2" coping and buckets (and buckets) of screws.  Basically everything you would need to rebuild the entire park.  We would help dismantle (we have to do this anyways).

You would be responsible for hauling.  The $8,000 does NOT including any delivery.

Remember, this is thousands and thousands of pounds of lumber and materials.

The ramp structures are roughly in 4x4 and 4x8 sections.  The flat floor sections have different measurements, but are made up of 2x4s, two layers of plywood and one layer of Skatelite.

Timing-wise, we would need the warehouse cleared by end of September (yes, September).  We might have a little flexibility here, but not much.

If you are interested and want more details, please contact me via the form on the site, located here.  Please, serious inquiries only.


Design of original park, so you get an idea of how the substructure is built.





Several factors are forcing the decision, but no surprise that it is mostly due to finances.  2020 has been very difficult for many families, businesses big and small, and small non profits.

We did apply for several of the government funded options, but they were not enough or a good fit for PSX.

This is sad for the scooter community.  There has been a lot of support over the last couple of years, and to those people we say thank you.  Maybe someday there will be PSX v2.

All of the used scooters are for sale.  $60 cash.  No returns, no refunds, no warranties, no exchanges.

The S1 helmets are also for sale.  $25 cash.  No returns, no refunds, no warranties, no exchanges.    The helmets have not been used since March 1st, 2020.  All the helmets are adult Lifers.  You can order replacements pads here...


All of the park materials are also for sale.  This includes Skatelite, 3/8" plywood, 2x4 and 2x6, 3/4" plywood sides, coping.  No prices and quantities set yet.

David, President

Pacific Scooter Experience