Pro Scooter Camps

Are you looking for a summer camp for your kids?  Want something a little different?  How about a pro scooter camp?!  Located in Redmond, WA, (about 20 miles east of Seattle), the Pacific Scooter Experience (PSX) is just the ticket.

Dedicated to the sport of Pro Scooters, we are the nation's first and only indoor park dedicated just to scooters.  PSX offers a safe, clean, secure facilities, staffed by adult volunteers.

Our camps will offer a range of pro scooter activities including:

  • Scooter games (game of S-C-O-O-T, foot down)
  • How to sessions (learn a trick, dial your scooter)
  • Open sessions

Our camps are lead by experienced scooter riders.  The same experienced riders that provide private and small group lessons.  We will have two instructors each day.

Our park is perfect for all ages.  Check out this 

PSX is located in Redmond, WA, but easy travel from locations all over the state, including Seattle, Bremerton, Marysville, Olympia, Tacoma, Bellevue.  Plenty of onsite parking.  We also offer a spectator area if you're interested in watching some of the camp.

No need to worry about weather.  We're indoor so our scooter camps will be running come rain or shine.