Our vision for an indoor scooter park

Several of us have been thinking about building an indoor park dedicated to the pro scooter community.   The Seattle area can definitely benefit from such a venue.  And the pro scooter scene in the Pacific Northwest is alive and growing!
seattle indoor scooter park
We're hoping to make this a reality, but we need help from the community!  Want to read more, check out our vision document by clicking here.
indoor pro scooter park
Interested in hearing more about the story?  Read on, Scooter Enthusiast!
In early 2015, during a scooter ride day/BBQ, a few of us starting talking about indoor parks.  There are several in the Seattle area, but none of them support pro scooters.  There is one in Bellevue (bvsp) that is kinda scooter-friendly, but only on Saturday and Sunday mornings for private parties.
So we starting doing some investigations, first online, then by making some trips to California, where there are several indoor skate parks.
It became clear that there is a growing demand for the scooter community, and specifically a safe, secure, friendly park.
As expected, we also learned that leasing (or buying) the land/building can be very expensive.  And the liability insurance is also expensive.  We weren't discouraged about building a scooter park, but realized that the time just wasn't quite right for us.
Jump ahead a couple years, and lo and behold, the opportunity has presented itself.  And right in Redmond, WA, no less.  Home of Lucky Scooters and the Pro Scooter Shop!
seattle scooter park
Long story short, we started a non-profit, came up with a vision, did some viability studies and here we are.  Pacific Scooter Experience is a registered non-profit in the state of Washington, operating as a 501(c)(3) organization.
We have secured the location, and have hired experienced park designers to come up with the optimal rider experience.
Our goal is to open in summer of 2017!  But we definitely need community support!
indoor scooter park
Thank you!
Pacific Scooter Experience - Board of Directors
David, Cara, Chere, John, Diana